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About us

We are a young technology based company, created under the auspices of the Campus Project of the Innovation and Entrepreurship Agency of the Government of Andalusia.

Among our intangible assets, BIOGOLDEN holds several patentsand significant scientific and technical know-how, among which stand out aspects related to:

- Enzymatic purification of fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6 series) and synthesis of structured lipids
- Extraction using biocompatible solvents
- Pre-extraction treatments
- Preservation of fish products with algae extracts

- Texturized dehydration of vegetables
- Food disinfection
- Stabilization of food systems
- Flavorization

In addition, BIOGOLDENhas a thorough knowledge of the nutraceutic market, allowing to supply its customers high-quality nutritional ingredients. These ingredients are selected based on scientific evidence of their properties and the natural qualities and sustainability of their production processes.

As regards human resources, BIOGOLDEN has a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals with commitment and enthusiasm for this project, as well as numerous collaboration agreements with public and private organisms. Our staff includes chemical and industrial engineers specializedin food technology as well aspharmaceutical scientists, nutritionists and biologists, all working together towards a common goal.


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